Tom Hodges

Tom Hodges (Mexican Tom) and his mail order bride on the banks of the Tlell River circa 1905. As Tlell’s first white settler he pre-empted this ranch property in 1902 but lost it to his creditors in 1908. Today Grandpa’s Guest House is located directly behind the cameraman.

Walsh from Montana

The Walsh Brothers, cattlemen from Montana, purchased the Ranch in 1908. They built the house used today by Doug and Alice in 1915 as well as a covered barn with stanchion space for 100 head and a large upright wooden stave silo. They sold the property to Eric Richardson in 1919. Pictured here sitting in front of the bay window in what is Mom’s house

Baby Doug, his Parents, his Grand parents and his great grand mother
Francis & Eric & aryshire heifer
Reg and Snowball

Oxen Snowball and Reg hauling hay at Tlell

Baby Doug, born 1931
on his great Grandmothers knee
with parents (Francis and Dorthy) Rt
and Grand parents (Eric and Marion) Lt

Doug and Uncle BB
plank road

14 mile plank road to town of Port Clements

Ranch house

Doug Richardson in the wagon
in front of his house he lives in today circa 1934

Doug and Oxen
Haying with
Snowball and Reg

Oxen Snowball and Reg hauling seaweed at Tlell

Francis and Kenny  with 1926 Model T one ton Ford
Dilly cow 1953
Doug, Don and Alice Richardson1954
Alice and Don
Branding with Doug, Francis, Kenny (Holding rope) and Philip Gladstone on head

Branding Crew

Doug on leg
Francis on the Iron
Philip Gladstone on head
Kenny Richardson on rope and Dennis Husband observing

Brand is “T reverse L”

Doug with Queenie and Timothy
Barn and cows
Gracy & Ken Richardson
Farm Truck 1960 jpg
Richardsons Xmas 1962
Eric and Midge
Doug, Francis and Don 1983

Richardson Men, Christmas 1962

Standing, rt to lt, Francis Richardson and his sons Kenny, Doug and Gary

Sitting, rt to lt, Ken Richardson and his older brother Eric Richardson.

On floor sitting, rt to lt  Jack, David, Bill, Don (with Mike on his knee) and Kevin

(Jack, David, Mike and Don sons of Doug       Bill and Kevin sons of Gary)

Don Richardson, his father Doug and Grandfather Francis with a Rye crop and their newest Ford tractor in 1983


Doug and his dog “Feller” plowing between house and river

Doug and Alice 1953

Party Time in 1952, Doug and Alice, Eric Ross and “Smitty”

Ranch driveway 1950

Ranch House from the front driveway with oxen and woodshed seen