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Richardson Ranch

35th Annual Bull Sale


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for GrowSafe Report from Olds college 10 bulls from Tlell

Sale Bull videos are on YouTube

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DLMS Purebred Sale Image SMALL 2023
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Farm gate how to

New to Farm Gate Auctions on DLMS ?

Click the picture above for instructions on how to sign up and use this program


Still got a problem ???

 Interested in Proxy Max Bidding or bidding  via phone talk to any of the DLMS team or sale consignors and we can help you in purchasing the lot you are interested in.


DLMS - Mark Shologan - 780.699.5082 or Purebred Team - 780.991.3025


Richardson Ranch - Don Richardson - 250-557-4348

Flewelling Cattle Co. - Craig Flewelling - 403-556-0515

Lloyd Cattle Company - Jamie Richardson - 250-699-1406


In order to participate in any DLMS auction or event you must use a modern version of the browser Chrome (recommended), Firefox or Safari that supports WebRTC technology.

Why WebRTC? WebRTC allows the lowest latency video possible most reliably.

For Android Devices
Google Chrome Mobile V29 or newer
Firefox Mobile V24 or newer
Opera Mobile V12 or newer

For iOS Devices:
iOS 11 and newer with Safari


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